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                Glue machine with peers than we realize the advantages of the specific areas in which?

                1》The whole system is stable in performance, glue evenly, stability.
                2》The advantages of small space occupation, convenient installation, maintenance simple.
                3》Automatic discharge technology for easy maintenance, high pressure.

                How can we save you the cost and improve efficiency? Reflected in what areas?

                1》The entire system performance and stability, even out of plastic, and stability.
                2》Compact package of equipment structure, small footprint, easy installation, simple maintenance.
                3》High pressure automatic sewage technology, easy maintenance.

                Why a stable product performance? What brings customers the benefits of?

                1》Large capacity hot melt adhesive machine saves you time frequent with glue.
                2》Glue gun we use high speed response type, by multi short glue to replace the traditional rubber strip,Firm adhesion appearance, save the glue using.

                “Hour "technical consultant to solve your worries!

                1》“2 hours response "type of fault handling solutions.
                2》“24 hours a day, "the professional engineering consultants.
                3》“24 hours in the province, 48 hours outside the province, "visit the manufacturers promise to solve problems.

                Connaught wins spraying technology production applications covering 50 industries。

                For environmental protection, they have chosen Connaught wins。


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